Installation Guide: Laminated Bottom

Installation Instructions for Installing Boxes/Laminated Bottom

Step #1

Install plastic fin jigs into the boxes with the proper fin in each box. Example: left fin – left side box, right fin – right side box, and center fin in the center box.

Step #2

Mix 2.5 ounces (71 grams) of clear laminating resin per board. We suggest doing no more than 2 to 3 boards in one mixing unless you are experienced and fast. IMPORTANT – use the proper amount of catalyst for the weather conditions and the number of boards that you are doing. If you are fast, pressing the boxes, setting the angles, and cleaning up the area around the boxes takes about 5 minutes. 5cc of catalyst for 3 ounces (85 grams) of resin gives you around 8 minutes @ 75 degrees F. If you are not that quick and especially if you have hot and/or humid conditions, give yourself more time. If the resin gels before you finish you will have a mess on your hands.

Step #3

Pour approximately 2/3 of an ounce (19 grams) of resin into each hole and spread it around with a small brush. Be sure to coat the walls of the hole thoroughly. Try to keep the resin in the hole.

Step #4

Holding the plastic installation fin, with the box attached, press the boxes into the holes using a slow even pressure. Resin should squeeze out all the way around the box, but if it does not, you need more resin.

Step #5

Set the front fins to the desired angle using an angle jig and center the back fin by eye.

Step #6

Using a small brush, carefully spread the resin over the surface of the box leaving only a light coating of resin on the box (try not to leave any puddles of resin on the box or de-lamination could occur).

Step #7

Using a small squeegee, remove as much of the resin as you can from around the boxes. Do not squeegee off the resin that is on the box, try to go around the boxes. Let the resin gel completely.

Step #8

Remove plastic installation fins and apply the pre-cut stickers over the cavity of the boxes.

Step #9

Lay fiberglass patches over the boxes and wet them with a small brush using a second batch of clear laminating resin. Using a dabbing motion with the tip of the brush, chase out any bubbles around the resin barrier. Patches should be cut in an oval shape and should be a minimum of 1-inch larger than the box all the way around. NOTE – LOKBOX’s must be glassed over or failure of the box will most likely occur.  See diagram below for patch cutting instructions.

Diagram not to scale.


Step #10

Using the small squeegee, flatten out the patches and remove excess resin. It is not necessary to squeegee over the box itself, just the area around the boxes. Let resin gel completely. At this point you may apply a cheater coat of laminating resin if desired, but it is not required. The board is now ready for the hot coater.


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