Installation Guide: Foam Blanks

Installation Instructions for Installing Boxes into Foam Blanks

  • NOTE: If you have never used a router on a raw surfboard blank, you might want to give us a call for some tips.

  • Set up your rack with some type of spongy foam or other soft padding to avoid damage to the blank.
  • You must have a Plunge Router

Step #1

Routing instructions for blanks are the same as the laminated bottom method with the exception of being a little more careful with everything you do. Examples: blow off the blank thoroughly before setting the jig on it. Also check the foam tape on the bottom of the jig to be sure that there are no debris stuck to it.

Step #2

Be sure that the tail of the board is supported when routing the rear fin or you could snap the tail completely off.

Step #3

Follow steps 1 through 10 of the instruction manual for the Vacuum Jig Installation.

Step #4

Follow steps 1 through 8 of the instruction manual for “Installing Boxes / Laminated Bottom”.

Step #5

Apply fiberglass patches over the boxes and trim off the “ears” that hang over the rails (see enclosed Illustration B for patch cutting instructions).

Step #6

You are now ready to cut cloth and laminate the board as you normally would.

Step #7

While laminating, work around the fin boxes and concentrate on getting the entire board finished and your lap wrapped. Then come back to the fin boxes and chase out any bubbles using a small brush and/or squeegee. You are now ready to laminate the deck.

Step #8

Before hot coating, you can apply a cheater coat of laminating resin over the fin boxes if there are any low spots around them.

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