Fin Installation & Removal


Using the proper size screwdriver, back the screw out slowly – about 2 complete turns. Using the palm of your hand, tap upwards on the underside of the fin tip until the fin pops up and becomes loose in the cavity. Now loosen the screw until the fin and screw can be completely removed from the board. Re-install screws in to the boxes and tighten slightly.


Step #1

Remove screw and plate assembly from LOKBOX’s – do not disassemble.

Step #2

Holding the fin like the handle of a gun, insert the metal plate into the slot on the base of the fin.

Step #3

Using your fingertip, press downward on the screw and guide the fin into the cavity of the LOKBOX. Be careful to line up the metal plate before pressing the fin completely in so the screw can drop into position and the threads can be started.

Step #4

Using the proper sized screwdriver, turn the screw approximately 1 to 2 complete turns. Pull upwards on fin to adjust it to the desired position, then press downward to completely seat the fin into the LOKBOX.

Step #5

Tighten the screw completely. If the fin rocks forward or back in the box then the screw is not completely tight.
Note: Applying just a little dishwashing soap, shampoo, or conditioner will help the fin adjust as well as seat completely. 

**DO NOT use solvents of any kind and do not alter the fin base.**

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