Fin Buying Guide

Choosing the Right Fin for You

These four items are important to understand when choosing your fins:

1)  Depth Dimension
The distance that the fin extends off of the surface of the surfboard.  Our fin size suggestions are as follows: 

Weight (lbs) : Fin Size (depth in inches)
180 (+) : 4.6 (+)
140 to 180 : 4.5 (+/-)
140 (-): 4.25 (-)

2)  Base Dimension
The distance from the leading edge to the trailing edge of the fin at the surface of the board.

3)  Rake
The distance that the tip of the fin extends past the rear edge of the base. 

  • Fins with low rake work better in weaker or less powerful waves. 
  • Fins with high rake handle more speed and work better in faster more powerful waves.

4)  Area
The area of the face of the fin. 

  • Fins with more area work well for larger or more powerful surfers and bigger boards.  They can also be helpful in flatter faced waves such as Trestles for generating speed and drive through turns. 
  • Fins with less area are better suited for smaller lighter surfers, and smaller boards.  They will be looser all around.  Also good for when the surf is hollow or has steeper faces.   



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