LOKBOX is an adjustable fin system, which means that you can adjust your fins forward and back from your shapers mark (neutral position) to change the way your surfboard rides similar to the way that tires can optimize the performance of a race car. By utilizing the adjustable features of the LOKBOX fin system you can fine tune your surfboard. Whether its getting the most out of your surfboard or fine tuning it for different conditions, LOKBOX offers you the ultimate fin system.

In most cases you can tune your board just by moving the rear fin(s).

Rear fin back: Moving your rear fin(s) back will stiffen the board, making it handle more speed and/or surface texture. This will be good for large surfers that feel they may be suffering drive when the fin(s) are centered in the neutral position. This is also beneficial for down the line or point-type surf.

Rear fin forward: This will loosen the board allowing it to turn on a tighter radius for quick direction changes. Good for lighter surfers that have difficulty turning their board with the fin centered in the neutral position. Also beneficial in glassy lined up conditions and/or short peaky beach breaks.




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