Introducing the new MicroBox from LokBox
The most lightweight high performance fin system on the market

No other fin system has all the features that LokBox has:
  • Unequaled adjustability - 1/2" of movement to find your "happy spot".
  • Unique tapered cavity - NO sloppy or wiggly fins!
  • The FinLok - resists damage on impact.

LokBox has always been about performance.  From the beginning we have always dedicated our R&D to designing a surfboard fin box and fins that perform as well as glassed-on fins. All of our products are designed and tested to meet these expectations. We continue to research new shapes, materials and foils, always looking for new improvements and better performing fin set-ups for all of us.

Our goal at LokBox is to give you the ultimate fin system & performance that you can trust.

LokBox is proud to be distributed by BlockSurf

"LokBox gives me the feel of glass-ons with all of the benefits of having a removable fin system.  Experimenting with fins and foils as well as the reliability of the fin system has taken my surfing to new levels."  
                                                                                        -Taylor Knox

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